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Apr 25, 2012
New to the forum thing :)

Been browsing the site and there is loads of good info and sales so figured i'd join

Seems there is a good ek9 following, awesome cars and love being an ek9 owner :D
Cheers folks

Phone lead is acting up so cant post any pics yet
Spec is
1998 Black EK9 prefacelift
Spoon manifold (Got jasma b18c on it)
Mugen twinloop
Spoon Ecu (V-tec 5,100 - 9,900rpm. Power drop off near the top rpm so dont play to often near the 10 mark)
Spoon springs (too low to be honest)
Carbon Bonnet
Hks Mushroom
Then everything else is original

Not had the ek9 long and having a little bit of a nightmare to be honest :(

Today = blue smoke at high rpm, not sure if its started today as with the dark factory tints i dont really pay attention and drive sensibily MOST the time....but today on a dual carriage way with a golf on my back bumper i dropped it to 3rd (6000rpm) nailed it and thought i noticed something so i pulled over and revved it to see smoke :( took it to a mechanic mate of mine and he said to drop the oil put fresh (maybe semi synth) and if thats not improved it then he reckons the valve stem seals? It only smokes on v-tec/ high rpm and on the down rev if that makes sense????? Bit negged out but these things happen

Also does anyone know if you can change the mileage on your ek9 dials when you have changed to mph? so its not reading 117,000 miles :p and i dont have to explain 114k in km's and 3k in miles. do i need to get a specialist to do it? and how much would they charge? Thanks