Gearbox rebuild, recommendations?


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Nov 13, 2016
Ek9 & Ef9, Track Eg

New to this, hope I've posted in the right place, I've currently got my 2 s4c gearboxs split and I want to replace 3rd synchro and sleeve in one gearbox and 4th synchro and sleeve in other gearbox. I've priced Honda and I'm looking at €500 for both.

I'm just wondering does anybody recommend any other dealers on where to buy new. What synchros can I get? One gearbox is a standerd 4.4 while the other is a 4.7 final drive. Can't seem to find anything on where to buy new in Ireland.

Also what clutch would ye guys recommend, I do track and road driving? Car has some light mods with a lightened flywheel and 4.7 final drive.

Thanks in advance