First swiss EK9 (TypeRx) and modding story

looking good.

Hows the snow on the passes / weather in general this year ?

it was a bit rainy until now but much better than last year. from tomorrow on we have sunshine and 25°c so i will have a nice run around lake bodensee tomorrow i hope :)
Lovely run there, yeah last year was rough and we were there early June.

Heading to Cannes then not sure after that this summer.
Well after three years of usage my battery was crap again. Why? I forgot to unbolt it during this years cold winter so it got discharged to zero and damaged. DAMN :p However i thought it was a bad idea to bolt and unbolt the battery before and after every drive anyway so i decided to upgrade with a new battery charger which runs a cycle to keep it fit and charged at any time. let's see if it works. i hope so. Car Batteries ain't cheap :p

Old battery:

Battery removed:

The new one:

and In it is :)

Car starts nicely again :)

To prevent from future damage i added the Cycle-charger. Hope this works fine :)
I want your mugen cluster :shocked:
It's actually not available anymore from Mugen and it was even quite expensive back in the day when i bought it new from Mugen japan. However it's not for sale :)
While working hard on my Fairlady project i found an hour of time to get some work done on the EK9.
I removed the radio and antenna a while ago so i decided to improve my power-to-weight ratio a bit more and remove the now-useless Front door speakers. Before:

Cover off:

Speaker out:

Speaker removed:

Cover back on - done!:

Weather gets cold now over here so i decided to put her to wintersleep. so that means fill the fuel tank to prevent it from rusting:

Give her a proper wash and waxing:

Put it back to the garage, install battery charger, open the window slightly to let air circulate and moisture out and put the cover back on. Sleep well. See you spring 2015 :D
Very nice mods on this. Looks settled under the cover. Does leaving the window slightly open help with moisture release?
Very nice mods on this. Looks settled under the cover. Does leaving the window slightly open help with moisture release?
Thanks mate. Yeah, what i've been told it's best to open one window for 1-2 centimeters so the car can "breathe" while standing inside a Garage for a longer time. this will prevent moisture inside the car condensating when surrounding temperatures etc change fast and thus causing rust etc..
One of the most beautiful and tastefully done Civics (imo) in Switzerland! Been following you on HHolics too ;). Reminds me that i should get moving with my ek4 project
Thanks mate :)
Good things need their time. as you can see my EK9 is constantly evolving over the years. no need for a rush :)
You can check more detailed updates of my project and my complete 240Z restauration on
I see you are a maniac detailer, did you ever try to clean Toda manifold?
Thanks mate and all the others for your replies :D Actually i thought about cleaning the header, but have no idea how. any inputs?
On the other side i like how it looks "racey" with these heatmarks :)

I have to thank my friend Alex a lot. I had these G-sonic (by GP-sports Japan) tow straps laying around for months now but was not sure how to install them on my EK9. But lucky me Alex needed my help so i talked him (A talented parts manufacturer) into making me a custom tow strap mount. So when he showed up to take measures he already created a prototype from some mobile pictures i sent him, and the prototype already fitted perfectly. Thanks a lot :D
This is what the base part looked like:

Last week i sent this item for Anodizing (eloxieren in german) to a company and just got it back today, RAL9005 black, as i wanted. This way its more safe from corrosion and looks a bit more professional and stealthy:

And this is the complete setup which will be mounted at the genuine rear tow hook. Hopefully you'll see soon :D
Progress on my projects seem to be a little slow but there are two reasons: First we have brilliant spring weather which doesn't happen too often here. so i decided to enjoy the nice weather and second: Im doing a lot of background research and work so there IS a lot of progress on the fairlady but nothing to show :D
However i decided to enjoy the nice weather today again and combine it with a little EK9-trip. But i had some issues i wanted to clear before i go out. First was the broken TopFuel mirror. I broke it a while back when i wanted to install it better then my first attempt. Here i'm removing the broken mirror:

Glass removed from the mounting case (black, in the back), and applying the new one. You can see i added two layers of the black tape to the mirror-glass itself. And (this is important) one layer to the black mounting case. otherwise the glass will not stay safely!

Done. I installed it back in the car later, but forgot to take a shot :p

Next was the Rear tow hook. this is the original tow hook thing:

My plan was to install th is setup:

Worked fine but need to figure out how i can make it stay in one position. probably need to stuff something into the blank space. we'll see..

Also had a look at the front Tow strap installation but decided rather than dissasembling the whole front and and then not finishing up due to missing screws i'll better hop into the care, drive it around our local hills and then give it a nice wash. Thats exactly what i did :D
Well finally i found some time to install the front tow strap. Took me a few hours of work but i'm happy with the result:
1) Off with the front bumper:

2) Test-fitting with some duct-tape (always handy :D). BTW: You can see the SS-racing radiator shroud kit behind the front bar if you look closely :D

3) cut the Tow-strap base (way too long):

4) Some rust-prevention and surface-finish is important as well:

5) First bolt is in:

6) And finally: Everything back together:

Weather was supernice so i decided to make a test-run directly:

Also decided to take some photos out in the beautiful green nature with a nice spring sundown. Expect a wallpaper coming soon (need some time to get the details photoshopped, *lol*)