Engine bay re-spray


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Jul 8, 2009
Hey guys, need some tips on painting if you dont mind! I have a rough Idea from looking at other threads, however have a few questions.

Basically I'm looking into re-spraying the engine bay.. Some areas have recently started to rust over and I want them gone!

Would I be looking at rubbing down the whole bay with scotch brite pad, then wire wheel the areas that have formed a little bit of rust to bare metal?

Then re-prime everything a couple of times, sand, prime, sand to build up the layers. Then finally spray.

everything you have said there is correct wazer. might be useful to treat the rust, we use a ust cure in work cant mind then name however will check and let you know what it is. we woprk with 70, 80 year olds cars and works really well
Cheers man! Been reading up on things a fair bit as I want to do it properly first time. Never done any spraying before lol. If you could find the name of the cure, would be awesome! :D

When sanding/priming/sanding/priming, ideal grit to use would be 400-600?

Then for the final sand 1000-1200 grit for a smooth finish, clean/wipe down before finally spraying?

would it be wise to evenly spray the desired colour a couple layers thick, then use a 1500 odd grit?
Has turned out pretty decent for my first time.. I think. :nerv:

Will get some pictures in the light tomorrow, after I underseal it.