Eg6 SiR-S paint code


EG6 SiR-S B18cR & Daily BMW E46 320cd
Jan 4, 2012
Hey folks..

I own a Milano red eg6 SiR-S, I know the code is R81, but struggling to find out which shade of r81.. Does anyone have any information??

I work in a bodyshop, the painters used their machine to take pictures and put it into the database.. It came up with so many different codes/shades we have no idea which is correct! Trying them all would cost a lot of time and money haha.. Anyway any information would be appreciated!
Do you not have variant colour chips? Or can the paint suppliers help you out?
Best to just do it in clear over base and blend the adjacent panels anyway
So I went Into honda and they managed to give me the full paint code using my chassis number, just struggling to find a place that can supply me the paint now :( all places I have tried say they don't have it
Look up morelli group or lkq coatings... Both national companies that should be able to mix this colour