Detailing and paint correction Required


Nov 14, 2007
Hi, anyone recommend a Detailer with knowledge of EK9 Championship White around the Cotswolds, Oxford, Birmingham area.


Its just paint!?

Im sure any good detailer will cope, unless the "championship" refers to paint designed to test polishing skills right to the core at the annual Tokyo Paint Correction Rodeo.
He is asking for recommendations, Yes most good detailers certainly would do a good job, lots of so called good detailers though, look at how many bad detailing jobs need putting right. To go on someones good recs, your half way there. Good luck McJazz
Thanks Urban Boy and yes you are spot on my last detailing job was poor and did need sorting. The paint is also thin and soft but had a pm from someone with experience of EK9s though they are the other side of the country. Their practical experience makes them a good option.

Thanks again

There are a couple of guys that do my EK9 that are very good. They are based just north of Oxford
I know a chap in warick that has done a couple of my dc2s and dc5. He has knowledge of champ white. Hes in detailing world his work is really good.
Thanks for your help guys. Boyle have seen your car on here looks first class. North Oxford isn't far from me.

Will PM you for details and take it from there.

Irf thanks too, will see how I get on.

Many Thanks

Hi there mate I'm base in Southampton and own a high end detailing service pm me if your interested, add The Perfectionist Valeting Services on Facebook Thanks Ben.j.Parker
stick a thread up on detailingworld website mate, there will be loads around your area :)