bought subscription. still cant post in for sale?


Staff member
Nov 1, 2008
OK unlike most people these days who sour grapes. I will hold my hands up and admit i made a genuine mistake. I could of sworn it said it would allow for sale posts and for that and all this hassle i am sorry! I don't want to piss anyone off i just wanna get along and do my thing. Apologies to everyone! Although it would have only taken one person and not 10 others jumping on the band wagon. I guess everyone needs to feel accepted.
No problem. A bit of clarification.
  • You can give money to support the board as maintaining and hosting it is not free.
  • Selling is not the main reason the board exists, it is there as an extra for our regular members.
  • Due to users being scammed in the (recent) past we have decided to put up a minimum post count for being able to sell things on the board. This also helps keeping people out that only want to sell to disappear after they have done that. This will make our for sale section a lot more safe.

I understand your annoyance after mis-reading the rules and hope everything is ok now.