best polish

depends if your hand polishing or using a DA machine. avoid t-cut its very sore on paintwork.
Im hand polishing for now iv tried turtle wax and auto glym super resin but I havnt got the desired finished
I've used auto finesse 3in1 product recently, can't remember the full name but it worked a treat! I'm sure there's better out there but £13 a bottle it's brilliant!
Supply more info, colour of car, was the car detarred before you used the polish etc?

Prep work is the key to desired finish and not solely the choice of polish/wax.
The car is the car in my picture not sure wat the name of the paint is all I know is its r505p yeah I detared
My advice is research a bit into detailing...if you are not getting the desired finish on your paintwork, it may be partly down to the condition of the paint itself?

Look into:
Clay bars
Getting the paint restored with a professional mop?

For me personally. I have used SMARTWAX for the last couple of years. I think its good stuff.
I swear by autoglym super resin polish. Like people hace said it could be down to not doing the right work first. Never under estimate the difference a clay bar can make before you poilish. as for wax I'm using dodo juice banana armour, it says its designed for "hot" coloured cars so should make a pretty good job of your red.
Sounds like you will need to give the paint a good cleaning before you apply any polish or wax.

I have used the Meguiars 3 stage kit in the past. 1 Paint Cleaner, 2 Polish, 3 Carnuba Wax.

The best part of this is the paint cleaner. Brings up the paint lovely and isn't harsh like T cut. Basically removes any staining of the paint which would make it look dull and dirty.

I would recommend getting yourself a claybar, at least stage 1 paint cleaner, then use the wax or polish you have chosen and I'm sure it will look a lot better. In that order too.

My current hard wearing winter wax choice is Colinite 476s
I personaly use meguiars i find its a really good product all done to prefrance really or elbow grease lol
thanks for the advice lads wen i bought the car it had been sitting up on and off for 7 years and im sure it want polished in that time, iv heard good things about meguires clay bar havs anybody tried it and what rating would you give it ?
Has the paint faded in any way?
Super resin polish has been proven to give results on red shades of paintwork over the years.

Ohh regarding clay bars pick one that you can use water as lube instead of paying for quick detailer.
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thers no fade in the paint i will try a clay bar and polish and then wax to see how it goes
A clay bar will be a really good start.

It will remove any contaminants that have bonded to the paint and prepares the car for polish or wax. Will yield better results and be easier to achieve those results.

Here is an example of the Meguiars paint cleaner in action. My paint had become stained after it had started to rain as I was washing.

thats a fairly noticable diference wat would be best for removing tar iv been told kerosene but thats surely bad for the paint ?
Is a good product worth considering.

I've always used my claybar to remove any tar but it can be hard work. I've used TurtleWax Bug and Tar Remover before which was easy and effective.

Plenty of dedicated tar removing products out there though, without going mad with the kerosene.
The person that told you to use kerosene - dont ever believe anything they ever say again haha!

As above, a clay bar will remove tar. If its really covered then you get dedicated tar and glue removers which may be worthwhile, but if you're getting a clay bar kit anyway try with that first

If youre doing it by hand you have to be realistic about the results - itll never be absolutely swirl free, you just cant get the same finish as with a machine

Personally id suggest paying once to have the car detailed, as it would save you buying the materials, then keep on top of it afterwards with a decent wax - might work out cheaper for you
im thinking of buyin a machine when i get christmas over with thanks for all the help and advice guys check out my build thread too its just started but should be alot of changes in the near future