Best fast road suspension setup?

Discussion in 'Suspension' started by civicx3, Apr 15, 2018.

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    Building a EK and wondering what suspension is going to be best for fast road and daily use, the roads arent the best so tempted to stay away from coilovers if im going to get a better handling car from something like ek9 suspension?

    Any pictures of a EK on stock EK9 suspension? Keen to see how it sits with aftermarket wheels/tyres

    Whats EK9 suspension like if using good quality lowering springs, bouncy or just as good?


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    Something like H&R / Eibachs / Spoon with set of good adjustable dampers will be comfortable for daily, as long as the springs are progressive they will help to absorb the smaller bumps and imperfections in the road and the adjustable dampers will help you fine tune things. Can't comment on EK9 suspension as I don't run it, but since this is an EK9 forum, they'll be loads of good advice regards to OEM setup

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