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  1. AjaxGixx

    Planning to rebuild a B16

    Good day everyone, after 270.000 kilometers, I'm planning to rebuild my B16A2. My optimistic vision wants to build an affordablish engine with the power of a spicy B16B, or maybe, near to a B18C (I know will not be the same thing, but...). Even so I want to put an LSD and I'am a little bit...
  2. A

    compression ratio

    hi all i was looking at 500hp forums for an ek4 and i was curious to know what the best compression ratio is for a b18c4 on the forum the indervidual said that he would not go over a 10-1 or 9-1 on a 500hp motor can someone please if you can inform me on the best cr for daily and track use
  3. S

    Maintenance price on Ek9 or Ek4 jordan

    Hi guys, I'm looking to purchase my first Civic EK9 or EK4 Jordan, but before i buy, i just want to know is it a high maintenance car, is it a car that needs a lot of money to maintain it and what are the common issues in these cars? As i currently have another car to use for daily commute...
  4. E

    New member EK4 VTiS

    Hi, thought I'd register on here now as I have another EK. Time came to sell my DC2 and I taken this VTiS in part exchange. I owned a Milano Red EJ9 in the past so i'm wuite familiar with the platform. I am happy with the car and how it drives even though it's not the same as a 220bhp DC2 which...