1. Ahmet Gülderen

    Front And Rear Brembo’s on Ek9

    Hi guys. I need to help. I want to use evo 8 front and rear brembos on my ek9. Anyone have a any idea for it? I have a wilwood brake myster cylinder and proportioning valve and I found a very cheap brembos. How can i use them? Should i used the evo discs? Or s2000 front discs ?
  2. E

    WANTED: 262mm Front Brake Carrier (O/S Drivers)

    WANTED: 262mm Front Brake Carrier (O/S Drivers) To fit an EG6, nisin caliper Im pretty sure the EK4 / 96spec DC2 / EG6 carriers are the same even if the caliper size is different
  3. SpikeEK

    Ek4 Brake Upgrade

    Hi, New to the forum and looking for advice. Currently building an Ek4 Rally Car and looking at upgrading the brakes,but want to be able to keep the 4x100 and be able to run 15x7 rims. Any ideas? What would be able to volt straight on from another honda? As don't want to go down the line of...
  4. hek4

    EK4 - master cylinder upgrade

    Hi everyone, I already have some Legend 2 pots calipers and I would like to fit them on my EK4. Now, I use a stock 15/16 master cylinder but I know that an 1" MC is also required. I have some questions for which I haven't found any answer till now. 1. Can I use an ITR master cylinder with my...
  5. hek4

    ITR master cylinder + black recaros

    I need an ITR/EK9 1' master cylinder togheter with the brake booster. Also, please make me some offers for a black Recaros pair, with or without rails.