1. BenXL

    B18 crank needed

    My crank is f*cked so I'm in need of a new one, b18c6 preferred but b18c4 will do. If anyone has one for sale or knows of anyone/anywhere with some then please let me know! Thanks
  2. hek4

    B18C6 into EK4

    Hi! I have a Civic EK4 from 1998, it runs a B16a2 and a p2t ecu (OBD2a). I want to replace my engine with a B18C6. I know I need a JDM p73 ecu. I have some questions because I am not sure that everything will fit fine: 1) Can I use the b16 loom? I know the IAT temperature sensor wont fit...
  3. Mase_Civx

    Hi from a French guy ! :)

    Hi everybody ! I'm a French guy and I've a 1999 Civic EK4 ! Sadly it's not an EK9, for sure .. ahah This is my 3rd honda, I had an EG4 for a very brief time a few years ago then I had an EG5 and now I'm driving this EK4. The first years I drove it, it was my daily car but I've done my first...