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  • Eh you were friends with ross gall, lauren motley and sarah mcbride they were all in my college class lol Also some other folk who I was friends with haha
    Haha yeah I kinda thought that cause wen I saw you on facebook you were friends with a few folk from my college class lol I went to alva academy haha
    Im goin to start goin though lol Ive got a dent in my door though so arse banged it in a car park been tryin to get myself a silver one from the scrappies but cant find one, shite haha
    Im 19 man, 20 this year lol
    Nah ive not been to any cruises yet, wasnt too keen wen my car was standard looks a bit better not though so probs will now haha take it you do?
    Cheers mate, if it saves me some money all the better haha
    Nah man I wasnt planning on risking it like, not worth it need the car too much lol
    Sounds :p hahah
    Yeah nearly bought a set but then I came across jordan alloys tyres, with ek4 shocks and lowering springs so snapped them up haha
    I was 1400 under my own name last year with no mods :O Now I have 1 years no claims coming up at start of July so need to start looking. That number of yours could be quite handy haha
    I will need to tell about my mods though cause they I dont want to get shafted haha
    Added you on facebook mate :)
    I know man its a nightmare, hopefully get myself a full time summer job though thats the plan!
    Nice, I wouldnt mind a set of seats myself but cost waaay too much for me hahah
    Aye man will add you the now :)
    Erm nah ive not yet but my insurance is due next month and I just recently got the mods so dunno will see the price difference haha wby?
    Haha aye there is not much to alva like lol
    I know where denny is mate, go to college in falkirk so denny not far :nice:
    Ive not done much to mines really just shocks, spring and alloys. Hoping to get lips next but need to save up haha
    GdGd, look forward to seeing the pics mate
    Alrite mate hows it goin? Aye I am from stirling, well near enough a wee town about 7 mile away called alva lol where you from? Aye thats my civic man :)
    aww gutting ... looks minted mann

    i got a replica basically lol ek9 bodykit but 1.4 engine lool in silver

    im from falkirk in scotland urself ?

    see i got a silver civic .. i was going to get my bonnet spoiler n roof done either gloss black or carbon fibre wrapped not sure what u think ?
    Was my 9 mate back last year, until sum fcker stole it, na I ain't got fck all as I never found the car or nothing that was on it! or I don't know no1 wiv nefin either sorry!

    Where u from neway??
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