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    I have one. Genuine rear bumper and lip in CW. PM me, located in south london
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    Wanted EK9 Spoiler and lip

    Fancy a cooler spoiler? ;) selling my top fuel spoiler if you fancy something different. Im from london too which makes it easier Genuine ek9 baseplate. Looking for £200
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    K24 17" Wheel Setup

    Planning to run ep3 BBK that houses 330mm brakes. Theres a great setup on CTRO atm using clio RS brembo brakes. Very good value.
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    B16 Turbo or K?

    If you know that once you kswap you wont scope for more power then I would say go for the B turbo route. B18c4, 4.4fd s80 box and a good turbo kit will demolish most cars on the roads... However... K turbo is the way to go... the power band compared to a b turbo is crazy. B series will always...
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    WTB: EK9 cams

    Please let me know if you have some for sale. Thanks
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    Mattyssb's black caged ITB'd K24 EK9

    Ooohh thats the diff I'm looking to buy! Where did you end up buying it from? My cusco RS plated diff has u fortunately died... plated diff is the way to go!
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    DC2 K24 Turbo Project

    No doubt the manifold is choking it, if im bothered and have spare change id love a sidewinder but atm the power and delivery is more than enough! Yeah the map still needs finishing. On the day the car was overheating and we ran out of time. Still need to set up boost by gear!
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    DC2 K24 Turbo Project

    The same guy who did the swap and put the turbo kit together. One of my mates. My go to guy anything car related lol
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    DC2 K24 Turbo Project

    750cc injectors, stock block running k20a2 pump and k20a2 valve train. Running 12psi. Graph is from a hub dyno Not completely finished with the map.. was running a half rad and the car was getting too hot on the dyno.. changed to a full width rad now so needs some fine tuning As you can see...
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    DC2 K24 Turbo Project

    Looking good! Just to tease you.. my car made 430hp and 350lbs of torque on a cast log manifold... im sure yours will make more! :nerv:
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    What Sump Baffles are people using

    I had mine made up by a mate. The said person got a peice of steel metal and welded it in for me.
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    K24 17" Wheel Setup

    What Ernie said is a good point. In an NA car the smaller the diametre the better the acceleration which i what you want ideally. Again if you arent running anything bigger than 225 or bigger brakes then there isnt really much point to it.. fitting wide tyres and 17s isnt easy without changing...
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    K24 17" Wheel Setup

    Hard to say tbh, the whole setup was completely different to before. Pretty much learning the whole car again from a N/A K24 to a 430hp boosted k24 lol! Plus I ran slicks as well which is a whole different ball game. Main reason I'm running 17s is I'm looking to run 300/320mm brakes in the...
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    K24 17" Wheel Setup

    Couldnt fit 245s in the end without huge spacers lol. So running 225 45 17s up front and it still has issues rubbing on the arch. Had to run arch extensions in the end...