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    B18C valvetrain + rods/pistons

    Selling the Oem internals from my B18C due to doing a high compression build. Have the valves, dual valve springs, retainers + collets. These are all in good condition. £150 + postage Also have the pistons + rods. Oem P72 pistons with matching rods. No signs of any damage to the piston crowns...
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    B18C EK9 Build

    Good work mate I’ve got some spare oem stem seals if you end up going oem
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    B18C6 valves and valve springs

    They’re used mate. Came out my head as I’ve bought titanium valvetrain
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    B18C6 valves and valve springs

    Can’t help with the part numbers I’m afraid, they should be interchangeable though. I have a full set of B18c valves, springs and retainers for sale if it’s of any interest mate?
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    B18 crankshaft

    Pm’d you Irf Yeah that’s what I’d heard too Pete, a C4 one would do the job, but I was told C6 ones cope with higher revs better, don’t know how much truth is in that though! Yeah it’s very strange, my builder has seen it happen once before on a B18. Hard to say what’s caused it, he’s said the...
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    B18 crankshaft

    I’ve been told there is a slight difference between C6 and C4, so would rather a C6 one if possible! Aye the bottom end is away to be built, got a call off my engine builder telling me the crank wasn’t spinning as freely as it should, also has uneven wear on the timing belt side mean bearing...
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    B18 crankshaft

    I’m looking for a crankshaft for a B18C/C6. Journals have to be good with no scoring etc, if a crank pulley is also available then that would be good as I’ll be needing one of those too. Would also possibly take a complete bottom end if the price is right Thanks!
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    My EK coupe build up

    Been continuing on with parts collecting + progress on the engine build. Now got 90% of the parts I need! Ended up buying a whole load of Supertech stuff from the US. Bought a complete valvetrain package basically, includes Titanium valves, springs, retainers + keepers, LMA's, valve guides +...
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    Honda Integra Type R B18c Race ported & Polished Cylinder Head

    Sent you a WhatsApp mate!
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    Longest owner

    Had my coupe since November 2006, was my first car!
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    Oil pump porting

    Hi guys I’m still gathering parts and info for my engine build and heard a few people mentioning oil cavitation issues with the oem oil pump above 9k rpm or so. My cams will make power high up, so I’d like the potential to rev as high as the cams + valvetrain allow, without worrying about any...
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    Front wheel bearing dust shield / ring

    I’ve done a fair few wheel bearings on EK’s and I’ve never come across that before. Maybe a US market only thing?
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    My EK coupe build up

    More parts arrived the other week! Bought an AEM fuel pressure regulator as it was brand new and going cheap, will get a fuel rail too in the near future. Undecided if I’ll bother running a pressure gauge or not, don’t know if it’s worthwhile or not. Also got a spare rocker cover and cheapo...
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    B18CR Hard start

    Dizzy issue possibly? Breaking down when it’s hot?
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    Race DNA

    Ahh yeah I’ve heard of those guys too, I’ll get in touch with them and take it from there! Yeah the work they do is amazing, wonder how expensive it would be to send a head to them haha