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    Prop Valve Help

    Here’s mine I done a few years ago.
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    EK9/4 Genuine Rear Trailing Arm Bushes

    Item for sale: Honda RTA bushes Price: £50.00 Reputation: Paypal: Location: Wiltshire Condition: New Description: Brand new genuine Honda rear trailing arm bushes. Fits Honda Civic ek9/4 Pictures:
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    Brand New Honda Civic EK Genuine RTA bushes

    Item for sale: Reputation: Price: £40 Paypal: Location: Wiltshire Condition: New Description: Genuine Honda RTA bushes for Honda Civic Ek (may fit others). £40 + £2.50 postage. Pictures: error uploading, can send...
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    EK / DC2 steering racks

    Morning all, I’m after dc2 & EK steering racks. What’s about? Cheers
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    Anyone have a spare switch?

    I think I've got one somewhere. I'll have a look tomorrow.
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    Ek4 Brake Upgrade

    It's a decent upgrade for a reasonable price. I forgot to mention if that's the route you go down I'd suggest a DC2 or EK9 1" master cylinder
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    Ek4 Brake Upgrade

    DC2 front calipers with 282 MG ZS 180 discs will bolt strait on no issues at all.
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    Suspension Bushes

    Hardrace are 50% stiffer than factory bushing. I've got a set of new genuine Honda RTA bushes if you're looking for a set.
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    whiteline rear arb kit for my ej9

    Just get an EK9 rear anti roll bar they are 22mm standard, make sure you use an ASR rear subframe brace with it. The EK4 rear anti roll bar is tiny, pretty sure it's 15mm
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    Ek9 to ek4 brake servo

    No the EK4 has a smaller MC than the EK9
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    Ek9/dc2 brake servo

    Yes I do believe they are. I run a 98 spec 1" dc2 MC and servo on my EK.
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    Evo 8 Recaros with modified EK rails

    Yes mate still here
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    Evo 8 Recaros with modified EK rails

    bump £200 collected..
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    Genuine RTA bushes & super pro ARB bushes

    bump £40 RTA bushes