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  • keep the loom for me ill send you the postal order first thing monday.

    ive got your details saved.

    hi mate you sent me a pm about the loom and i cant send bk due to me being a new member.

    is the loom off a pre facelift model?
    hi, im selling my ek9 type r if you no anyone after one, firber glass wings, firber glass bonnet, firber glass boot, photos on my page bud.. thanks
    Sent my address to the email address you gave me for paypal, didn't want it displayed on a public forum
    ok, fair enough. If you want to pm me your paypal email address I'll send the money over tonight.
    sorry mate, if i make it £25 then it will end up being £20 after postage, like i said its from the JDM EK9 with all 3 bushes in good condition.

    £30 posted.

    Hmm, strange, I sent it to the one in your contact info. Anyway, yes I do have paypal. I was wondering if you'd go a little cheaper, just got the other side for £25, can you match that?
    Hi, did you get my email about the LCA you said you had for sale? I'm kinda in a hurry to get things back together so looking to get one asap.
    How r u mate just wondering if u still got that passenger side rear arm and if so how much would u want for it
    Hi mate, R these shocks still up for sale?? Im really need some shocks ASAP, How much to post to manchester?
    I think it will fit of the Pre Facelift model, have a look here - Exterior Mods - Honda - Accessory Zone it lists 96 - 98 and 99 - 2000 EK's type in EK9 at checkout for your memeber discount ;)
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