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    Ek9 bolts brackets etc

    Could I pay for postage for it?
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    Goodsport's Jazz Si Build

    Looks the nuts, fairplay!
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    Rear speakers - size

    6x9. Loads of space below so no issue with needing shallow speakers etc.
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    My VI-RS (17000km), Supercharged B finally mapped

    That is also also sick.
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    MY 1992 JDM 4DR EG9 SiR Ferio (K24 update)

    That is also sick.
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    Central locking

    I assume that they do. Mine has an aftermarket alarm and central locking works on that, so must be a motor somewhere...
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    B18C EK9 Build

    They rot from underneath the surround? News to me so better check mine...
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    Prices of ek9s

    I don't understand the pricing of car at the moment. Everything has shot up in price during covid and was taking a steady increase before then, however who is paying £22k for an EK9? I'd rather have an M3 for that money.
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    Srs / airbag light

    Yes you'll have to reset it cause the resistor being incorrect would have tripped the system.
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    JDM Masters videos on Honda and Spoon list

    Like your videos. First saw your vid of the AE92 and have watched since :nice:
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    My civic - clubsport inspired

    Steel only for me. Seen a couple of posts about cheap alloy ones going wrong and really can't be bothered with that...
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    EK9 Rear Bumper Bar

    Even still, volume would overcome the margin loss i'd have thought would make it worth it.
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    EK9 Rear Bumper Bar

    Yeah they're the ones I saw. Don't know why he'd remove them off ebay, way more visibilityon there...
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    EK9 Rear Bumper Bar

    Sorry dude, when I was looking around year ago when I needed one, the guy was selling brand new ones, not original but custom. Seems he's not doing them anymore.