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    213 brake ek9 for sale

    Whats next Ev??
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    Dusky shots on the 9.

    Very tasty:nice:
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    ***For Sale Section Rules***

    Hi ijwhiteman, can you contact me asap please by pm and please include an email address please, think RVM spoke to you regarding my issue. Can not PM you because of not enough posts. Thanks
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    Can you contact me ASAP please. Please include an email address when you do please. Think RVM...

    Can you contact me ASAP please. Please include an email address when you do please. Think RVM spoke to you. Thanks
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    EK9 Mugen Twin Loop

    Hi, cheers for the tip, I contacted them, you are correct, prices are nuts and carriage is too. I have seen a few places quote similar prices but are too expensive IMO, we have any amount of Jap breakers in ROI and prices quoted in sterling are normally what we pay in Euro, even less, it is...
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    EK9 Mugen Twin Loop

    As title Im looking to purchase a Mugen catback twin loop for my EK9. Anybody got one??? I did post a wanted thread a few weeks ago but purchased another exhaust off a trader on here. A long story and one that will be up for public debate soon. I have a Buddy Club Racing spec condenser...
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    What to go for next?

    If you can stretch to it buy an EVO, I have had 3 of them, a 5GSR, a 7GSR and a 9GT in last 7years. They are reliable and trouble free as a rule. Obviously older the car/higher milage you may run into problems as with any car. Good power to be had from basic mods as someone said. I sold mine...
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    custom airbrushed rocker cover.

    Hi, Any chance you could do me a rocker cover in the standard OEM red finish for an EK9? if so what price, no exchange? Dont know if you are still taking orders Thanks Malcolm
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    Geometry settings

    Hi, Wondering if anybody knows the factory OEM geometry settings for the EK9 or that can point me towards workshop manual? Want it as a base setting to work from, I seriously doubt alignment centre has any settings for this car. On OEM suspension with Tein springs. Thanks Malcolm
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    EK9 Mugen Twin Loop

    Cheers for reply Iceman, (these PM are a PITA:)) Only one Im intrested is the Mugen system. Can you let me know best price you can do inc shipping please. Waiting on some funds to come to me from sale of my Evo parts in next few days, then will be ready to purchase. Send me another PM with...
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    EK9 Mugen Twin Loop

    Can you give a price for postage to Rep of Ireland. Thanks
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    EK9 Mugen Twin Loop

    Hi, New to the forum. Im looking for a Mugen Twin Loop for an EK9. Im located in Rep of Ireland. Used exhaust is what Im looking for. Or have you any tips or hints where I may find one. Have a Buddy club spec 4 on it at the moment but after something quieter. Can trade or sell if anybody...