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  • Sorry for the late reply!
    I have boared out a stock T/B to 68mm & all is well, but when i made a new butterfly valve i forgot to put a taper on the edge's so it stick's when closed!
    I will be moding the fixture i made for this to account for the taper over the next week or so!
    Once i have got this sorted & working 100% mint i will le you know & we will get your's sorted for you!
    Hopefuly if i get the chance at weekend i will be boaring the T/B i have hear out so should be already to go on this next week!
    sweet yep didnt realise how many ek9s there is in uk lol an nice1s too gd2 see all wrk tat goes into em! it dont *** ne further south in uk im on isle of wight only couple down my way so wana get out meet sum more i like getin gd pics n tat :) peaceout
    lol seen theres few people 4m uk now jus thought u mite be m8s wid few uk owners.. do ya go2 many ek meets or meet up wid people 4m here? jus tryin find sum eks 4m down my way.. meet up get sum pics an **** uno! ur up north tho? peace!
    I should be able to sort this out for you within the next week or two mate!
    Just been making a fixture this week for boaring the T/B out on the machine!:nice:
    Ill keep you up to date mate!
    alrte dude! jus joined up an wondered if ur m8s wid many people 4m u.k? nice 9 by way!
    Nice one thanks jimbob! let me know when you have time, I could either drive down to see you or post it. I dont mind!

    Cheers Rambo
    Yeah mate, im back on day's next week as i have been working night's for the past few month's! so ill sort out doing this asap for you mate!!!

    Cheers Jimbob!
    Hey man, for your car i only have the square ones and just the one set left. The price for the lights is 130 euro and postage for these lights to the UK is 40 euro.
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