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    Civic 96-00 Chassis alignment chart

    link work just fine for me. uploaded here :
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    JDM SPEC 98 Rear Upper Control Arm Question

    interesting mod,are you talking about DC2 or EK9 chassis?
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    Civic 96-00 Chassis alignment chart

    check NZracer link posted above :
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    Best NA rods for b18c6

    another vote for carillo ,pro-a if i remember correct are the lightest rods (non titanium) you can get.
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    Anyone trained in CNC machines?

    dont know if those will work for you but are free :
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    Spoon Monoblock 15" wheel clearance? 15x8, 5X114.3 PCD, +32 offset "These wheels will clear the Spoon Sports MonoBlock Calipers with no spacers. "
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    kwstascivic b20

    tuning a never ending story.
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    New Year 2019

    happy new year with lot of mods!
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    1972 Honda N600 deluxe restoration project Cyprus

    time for updates...
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    Longest owner

    lets bring some old topics back to life.....still got it.
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    Whats on your wish list for your ek9?

    lets bring some old topics back to life.....
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    EK9 Spoon ECU or Programmable ECU with B16B basemap

    spoon ecu was made for 100 octane gasoline which is available in japan.
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    M&M ek9 wide body or contact the guys below.
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    Custom Built Tubular Components

    georgia US or the country ? post few pics :)