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    JDM SPEC 98 Rear Upper Control Arm Question

    So I finally had a moment to do the Dori Test, he was right. :) I guess these were just made to eliminate flex and maybe also to improve space to the rim as the 98 SPEC uses wider (7J vs 6J?) high offset rims.
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    JDM SPEC 98 Rear Upper Control Arm Question

    Thanks for the video clip! I will measure again like you say and post picture.
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    JDM SPEC 98 Rear Upper Control Arm Question

    Hey Guys, it's for my EK4. 3mm is what I measured, from center to center of the bushings, which is the pivoting point. I will measure again from mounting point Chassis to center front bushing. If there is Factory alignment SPEC available of both ITR DC2 SPEC 96 and SPEC 98, it should clear up...
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    JDM SPEC 98 Rear Upper Control Arm Question

    I guess everybody knows these from the Best Motoring Clips. The Spoon CEO states they added these for "easier handling". I would like to know a little bit more about these, they are shorter - I meassured approx. 3mm, mounting positions meassured - so obviously they increase negative camber on...
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    Dan from Amsterdam - Honda thread :)

    This week I have the car exactly 12 years in possession, longest of all cars I owned. :)) Shot some pictures today:
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    B18 crankshaft

    Hi, I have a JDM B18C DC2 Type R Spec 96 (with 34K only) crankpulley complete with the bolts and D-belt hardware (tensioner and spring are sold):
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    B series Vtec solenoid with VTP and Gearbox bolts

    Hi, Do you mean all the bolts to mount the GB to the engine? I should have a 100% complete set, OEM with only 34K on them.
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    Close ratio gearbox

    Hi, I have the Close ratio 1st gear from Mfactory BNIB, to make shifting 1-2 closer: I might also have a used OEM S4C 5th gear pair, but I have to look it up.
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    EK parts wanted

    pmd back
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    EK9 ABS Pump / Central module

    I have a genuine EK9 one with milage below 50K, can make picture if still needed.
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    WANTED EK9 or civic coupe front bumper prefacelift

    I have it but pickup is in Holland and will only part with it if I can sell it together with the OEM EK9 frontlip. Here pictures when it was just painted OEM Matador Red, now years later they have marks but nothing serious:
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    EK parts wanted

    Hi, I have the EK9 22mm ARB complete and genuine ASR brace complete, I bought everything new. It's the better Gen 1 ASR brace! were the brace is also standard hold by the LCA Bolts, longer Bolts were supplied with this Kit. It's still all under my car, but because of it being a daily now I'm...
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    Dan from Amsterdam - Honda thread :)

    Hi guys, It's been a while. I can inform you I still have my Limo EK4! And it has actually been our main daily driver for the past years, because I couldn't find a proper replacement. So now it's getting the mileage it has gotten too little in the past. :) In the mean time I did some changes...
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    Accord type r springs on ek

    I can confirm to all what HondaNickx said. They are as sporty as OEM can get if you ask me, I meanwhile got them removed from my car because we got a baby and my wifes drive the car now mostly, here are they: And next to a stock Type R DC2 unit (Right):
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    Facelift Front lip

    EK9/EK4 Facelift frontlip wanted. For a friend to buy it or trade it against a Pre-Facelift EK9 Front lip.