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    Ktuned shifter!

    Hi! - Iam looking for a ktuned shifter - ktd-bd2-crt would be my first choice! has to be shipped to denmark. thanks!
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    Fujitsubo legalis R - EK (denmark)

    HI everyone! I HOPE that someone knows someone who wants to sell their fujitsubo legalis R for civic ek (3 door) or 4 door and send it to denmark! please write me up. :) (i got a shop adress if needed)
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    Track friendly exhaust

    Hi there! ive got a civic EK - with b18c6 with some mods. 4-2-1 header skunk2 bc stage 2 na cams with retainers and springs skunk2 ultra street intake mani (70mm throttle skunk2 pro) Cp 11:5 pistons (81mm) BC connectingrods (lightweight) k20a2 injectors currently im running a home made 3''...
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    Operating temp b18c

    your thermostat can be stuck at its open place, and then the water wil be cooled whole the time. you can take it off and see if its open ( or heat it up in a cup of hot water)
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    Best piston (semi high compression) CP - JE - Wiseco

    if anyone wanted to know i went with the CP pistons 11:5 :)
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    Best piston (semi high compression) CP - JE - Wiseco

    Hi there ! Ive got a b18c6 enigine - very nice bore measure on 81.002 so im going with81mm pistons and an ew clear hone in cylinders. BUT! i need to get your opinion on this! ive bought some rods = Brian crower lightweight rods = Bc6056. and i need some pistons. should i go for classic CP...
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    *Seaching* Mugen Airbox for EK

    just bought a tegiwa intake instead. !
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    Best NA rods for b18c6

    they are 411grams ea. the carillos yes. the BC lightweight rods are 426g ea. eagle are about 500 i think. so yeah there is a diffrence.
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    Best NA rods for b18c6

    I have looked at det carillos too. they are just a bit more expensive than BC lightweight rods. :p
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    Best NA rods for b18c6

    Hey guys ! im doing an NA build on a B18C6. i need some advice about connecting rods. Ive just bought some CP pistons 12.5 compression 81.5mm boreand i want some rods for these. Have you guys any experience with any off those rods, and wich one would you choose ? Brian crower PRO2HK Brian...
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    *Seaching* Mugen Airbox for EK

    IM searching a genuine mugen airbox, comptec icebox or tegiwa replica airbox for EK Chas. Im located in denmark so postage IS needed. PM me with pictures and price inclusive postage.