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    Best NA rods for b18c6

    they are 411grams ea. the carillos yes. the BC lightweight rods are 426g ea. eagle are about 500 i think. so yeah there is a diffrence.
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    Best NA rods for b18c6

    I have looked at det carillos too. they are just a bit more expensive than BC lightweight rods. :p
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    Best NA rods for b18c6

    Hey guys ! im doing an NA build on a B18C6. i need some advice about connecting rods. Ive just bought some CP pistons 12.5 compression 81.5mm boreand i want some rods for these. Have you guys any experience with any off those rods, and wich one would you choose ? Brian crower PRO2HK Brian...
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    *Seaching* Mugen Airbox for EK

    IM searching a genuine mugen airbox, comptec icebox or tegiwa replica airbox for EK Chas. Im located in denmark so postage IS needed. PM me with pictures and price inclusive postage.