Best piston (semi high compression) CP - JE - Wiseco


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Aug 15, 2019
ek with b18c6
Hi there !

Ive got a b18c6 enigine - very nice bore measure on 81.002 so im going with81mm pistons and an ew clear hone in cylinders.

BUT! i need to get your opinion on this!

ive bought some rods = Brian crower lightweight rods = Bc6056.

and i need some pistons.
should i go for classic CP pistons with 11:5 comp
Wieseco pistons with 11:7 comp

or something diffrent ? i want to be able to track my car, do some dragraces and drive it fairly on the highway, or daily drive.

rest of my setup is:
BC stage 2 NA cams with adj. camgears
BC springs and retainers.
NewOEM Honda LMA(spring type)
Skunk2 ultra street inlet manifold
4-2-1 Skunk2 mega power header
(mugen copy) tegiwa intake

i hope that you can help me out.
The engine is doing 238.9 HP at the moment.

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