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    My 1999 EK9 Civic Type R May 2007 Photos

    thats how the bumper should have come , nice .
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    Headers DYNO Results !! On stock Integra Type R engine.

    meagan makes a nice cheap header found on ebay , i have a 4-1 on my gsr engine and that thing helps alot. crome headers to.
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    ek9 power problem

    found the problem , burnt up distributorcap & rotor. easy fix , back to burnin rubber.
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    Post your 1/8 - 1/4 Mile Times Here!

    b18c1 jdm gsr , integra type-r trans with lsd ,msd ignition, omni power quick clutch master clutch cylider , integra type -r brake booster and master brake cylinder , all wheel disk brakes , no cat just straight pipe 4-1 header , no real other mods , 1/4 mile 14.7 spun out not good run . second...
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    ek9 power problem

    i have a jdm gsr 1.8 liter b18c 180 whp with a integra type-r trans with lsd , usdm non chiped ecu no speed limiter, stock injectors and pretty much nothing else done to the engine, msd wires ,6a box and external coil, a distributor king distributor ,4 into 1 headers , no cat just pipe , run...
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    ek9 power problem

    yes , but im changing from a 1.6 to a 1.8 . jdm motor 180 hwp.
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    JDM conversion

    cool , u got lipstick on your knob .
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    ek9 power problem

    sorry to re ask my questin , i have a 1995 jdm gsr engine, type-r trans , swaped into a 1999 ek9, i never changed the fuel pump from my weak little d16 or 17 whatever it was . should i change it , my car started sputtering at high rpms , i have msd box ,wires , cap and coil , and distributor...
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    how much?

    its worth $100 u.s. , can i buy it ?
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    spark plugs

    bosch platinums , but i have a fuel problem so dont go by me, distributor king distributor and msd wires and external coil.
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    possible fuel problem

    i have a 1995 jdm gsr engine with type-r trans . i never changed the fuel pump . is it recomended that i do so ? i have sputtering at high rpm's, maybe like not enough fuel is being sent to the engine , either thats the problem or my injectors are cloged , maybe my alternator is going bad ...