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    Olly's DC2 Track Car RaceDNA B18

    Nice motor - Race-DNA certainly know their stuff!
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    New nsx Jay Lenos garage

    Look good - this car will get better and better during its production life.
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    1984 manx rally

    quality video - and place.
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    1000hp+ Civic Battle

    Yanks love there street racing
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    Mugen S660

    looks a bit OTT - think again its no type r rival.
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    EK9 / DC2 gear linkage on a EG

    Also i think the bushes could be a different spec/ newer.
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    EP civic, cranking no start

    Cheap code reader should do the trick. go on to ebay and type in OB2 reader usually under a tenner.
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    Dent in your header ?

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    Nurburgring April 2016

    Weather's improving this time of year - i normally tie it in with a trip to Spa if they are dates available.
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    Somewhere in Scotland Sometime Soon

    quality pics.
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    Nurburgring April 2016

    I'm potentially up for a ring trip.
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    Jap Fest 2016 PICTURES ADDED

    Heard it was a busy event - how was the weather?
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    Top Gear granted access to Nissan's top secret shed

    Quality place that - remember best motoring did a video on that place.
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    One of the first vtecs with senna

    quality vids.
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    he's on it.