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  • Says youre messages are full mate. just need to confirm one thing and i can send payment today. :) thanks.
    hey mate id like to pay for that v2 this week not a time waster i can assure you,. If youd reply to my pm :) just trying to get my build complete! :)
    hey john havent been on here for a while been saving hard.

    ive just bought a...

    tri-y bigtube header with a true 2.5" collector :)
    aeromotive fuel pressure regualator
    braided fuel lines
    ktune inline filter
    bennen industries fuelrail
    precision 310cc injectors
    irridium 7 plugs
    MSD coil and dizzy cap

    now things are starting to get expencive...
    looking for a skunk2 inlet and a v2 to complete the fueling and breathing side of things...
    i also just put a deposite down on a ported and flowed head , skunk2pro cams, springs and cam gears . but now ive started im getting kinda hooked, my friend is also selling all the parts for the high comp biuld so i am contimplating going all out with my motor seeing as its off the road for the time being.
    do you know much about these ati superdampers ?
    regard ryan.
    thanks for that how much did your bolt on costs add up too mate? i just bought few bits high power coil and leads. not really sure what mainfold that i need too get the best power been told that tri-y gives good gains as its got the ture 2.5" collector ... and there not over priced either.
    is there any chance you could post it too me for 160? next week
    any advise on b18 tuning will be much appectiated.
    thank ryan.
    hi this ****ing forum is a nightmare if your a new member cant even pm you back.
    i look through your build its looking a beast fairplay. i just cant make my mind up weather too do a all out b18 build or just do the k swap ? what mods did you have too get the 213bhp? and how much you want for the v2 posted?
    orite man soz abt this but its not letting me see the msg so if u dnt mind can u jst post it on my wall :S
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