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    My 97 CW EK9 | Advan RGs Pg2

    Nice looking ek9 there, hope you enjoy it :)
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    Paintballer´s white EK9 from Germany

    Looking good, what track you thinking of taking it to?
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    My VSM EJ9

    Car is looking sweet :)
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    New user from Ireland

    welcome to the forum
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    hey guys :)

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    Rolling shell wanted - eg6 ek4 or dc2

    Cheers guys. What shell is it and any pics?
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    Si8pny's EK4 K20 >>

    looking very nice
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    Rolling shell wanted - eg6 ek4 or dc2

    Hi I'm after a rolling shell so I can drop my engine(b20) into it whilst I get my shell sorted as the bodywork needs doing. Would prefer one with good bodywork if possible. Thanks
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    Hi all! In Belgium looking for a 9

    welcome and good look with finding an ek9 buddy
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    Does it spin a lot if you are going through the gears hard?
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    Newbie Planning for an engine /block swap

    B20's are great fun as long the engines are built and tuned right. The power difference is huge as it provides a lot of torque. It is a cheaper option as you can pick the bottom ends as low as £300 IIRC.
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    Brads 96spec itr

    great looking car there buddy :)
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    Anybody on here no of any eg6's for sale 4k waiting for the rite 1 !!

    wow that is a low mileage esi there for sale
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    New user from Ireland

    :welcome: to the forum mate
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    Civic eg4/6 92-95 driver side door and wing needed

    Hi As above need the driver side door and driver side wing. Maybe able to collect . Thanks.