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    CSCC Tintops Silverstone Qualy 5-5-19

    Couple laps of in car qualy, battling the oil slick at turn 1.
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    CSCC Tintops Silverstone Qualy 5-5-19

    Part 2 of the race, me in the hot seat, finished 16th from 41, best of 1:18.854 (previous best was 1:23.450). Fin 2nd in class so bagged a trophy too.
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    CSCC Tintops Silverstone Qualy 5-5-19

    Part 1 of the race, my mate John is in the hot seat.
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    CSCC Tintops Silverstone Qualy 5-5-19

    Qualy from yesterday at Silverstone International, managed a 1:20.886 best in oily conditions.
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    CSCC Snetterton 300.

    Cheers Matt! I share the DC2 with my mate John, he has the orange lid, mine white :nice: Raced at Silverstone yesterday, footage up soon as my ancient pc permits..
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    CSCC Snetterton 300.

    Cheers folks, yeh the ol heel & toe needs work Pete ;-) here is the in car!
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    CSCC Snetterton 300.

    Our first outing in a while, at a wet Snett last weekend.
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    Spa test laps.

    Certainly is, no times this year, as car broke, was just finding my way round, had a couple of trackdays there years ago, and bedding in the two new front tyres. Just reloaded it as the intro was at the back!
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    Spa test laps.

    Few laps of Spa, car broke again shortly after so we never got to race there, lovely bit of Tarmac, might go back next year, unfinished business.
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    EK9 Racing in MSVT Trophy this season (2017)

    Good read that, are you still in MSV? Racing with the old man, doesnt get better than that :bow:
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    DC Sports Exhaust - DC2.

    Item for sale: DC Sports exhaust for DC2. Reputation: Price: £450 plus post, collection prefer. Paypal: yes Location: Fleet or Andover, may travel into London. Condition: Brand new. Description: Brand new DC Sports system for DC2, comes...
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    Mfactory goodies

    Is the gearset pressed, or laser welded?
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    Dc2 Front bumper bar from Irf, excellent service, top packaging.
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    B18C or C6 Wanted

    Hi looking for a B18 Type R engine . What hav u got
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    CSCC Tintops Brands 11-11-17.

    Night race footage.