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  • Hey Dan,

    Yea I was down Purley yesterday, infact I should have clocked on sooner but I did notice the white evo which was going up and down, but I didnt think that was the same one to be honest. I was only a couple of cars down from you, was with my mates in the astra's.

    Sorry to hear bout the engine, what you reckon the cause of it is? I hope it all works out for you mate as I know the feeling when its off the road and you just want it back.

    Whats you email?
    Ahh yes hi mate, i do remember :)

    And thanks for the comment! Has come quite a way.

    I will probably be going possibly in my brothers EVO, reason being my car has suddenly developed a knocking noise from the engine which is very possible to be bottom end bearing failure. Im going to do some investigating on Saturday and hopefully get to the bottom of it but the cars looking to be off road for a little while while i get it repaired.

    Its a shame. I was down purley tonight, again in my bros EVO, were you there?
    Hi Dan, hows it going?

    You should remember me, we met up at McDonalds lakeside. I'm Martins mate :)

    Just thought Id check out your civic on the forum as you mentioned it that you were on this site. Really nice blog you got and some nice work you've done to it(its come along way).

    Anyway I was gona ask if you were going to lakeside/southend this sat? only my mates and I might be going and was thinking of perhaps a meet up somewhere local and cruise down there together? If not then no worries mate, I might see you tonight if your up purley

    Let me know

    hi sir good night just a question what jumper harness do i need if i put a 1997 jdm b18c into my 2000 ek 9
    ello dan sorry for the late reply totally forgot i was talking to you bout your air con till i saw it in the for sale section. im buying my mates air con sorry for the late reply hope i hav'nt pissed you off
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