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    Spoon carbon plug cover

    Looking for a genuine Spoon carbon plug cover
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    B18C6 valves and valve springs

    Are these new mate?
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    B18C6 valves and valve springs

    Are the valves and valve springs the same in the B18C6 and B16B? These are the part numbers 14751-P73-J02 X8 14751-P72-003 X8 14761-P72-003 X8 14761-P73-J02 X8 14721-PR3-000 X8 14711-P73-J01 X8 If they are not the same are they interchangeable?
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    A few upgrade on they56 ek9

    Looks fresh, wheels n brakes are tidy mate... Much did the lights skin u? If u don’t mind me asking
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    Ek9 parcel shelf with fixings

    Still need these No time wasters please
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    Ek9 parcel shelf with fixings

    Does it have the fixings? Much u after posted?
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    Ek9 parcel shelf with fixings

    Looking for an EK9 parcel shelf with the fixings please Tia
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    Parts For Sale

    Price and pics on the new EK9 facelift headlights, spoon 4-1 manifold, spoon b series spark plugs and the carbon Kevlar spark plug cover please TIA
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    NH-592P EK9 Facelift Late 1999 - Cyprus - 13.500

    Is this still for sale?
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    Cat Back full exhuast system for my ek9

    Beat me to it mate... I'll try look out some pics and send them onto you later mate.
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    Cat Back full exhuast system for my ek9

    Got a Amuse r1 powerhouse sitting here mate. Full titanium 1 piece system and sounds the nuts. Its in perfect condition and only weighs about 3.5kg's I'm in Edinburgh if you want to have a look
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    cat back system wanted

    Amuse R1 powerhouse here buddy 1 piece full titanium Let me know if your interested In Edinburgh btw
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    Powerhouse Amuse R1 Titanium

    Yes the Amuse is still for sale. Don't know the DB level to be honest. I think it's slightly louder than a Spoon N1 but it's a deeper tone. And sorry no postage ANYWHERE. Thanks
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    B18 Skunk2 Pro1 S300 Tuned EK4

    Surely you were told what power it was putting out when you had the p28 and hondata installed and mapped? If not, why? It would be the first thing I wanted to know. I mean what's the point in the drivetrain, cams and all if you don't even know if it's making anymore power than a standard...
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    Powerhouse Amuse R1 Titanium

    Last time I looked it was something like £1800 from nengun (japan) before delivery!