Wtf is going on with my wheels????? help needed


Apr 28, 2014
Yesterday I try to fit some 15x7.5 et10 on my del sol and they poke out too much, like 2 fingers at least. ..... I search and many people run 15x8 et25 without issues but that also poke out almost the same amount as the others with low offset....... I dono't know why this happened, maybe I've the wrong axles? ??? I currently have 15x6.5 et45 and they are ground 1cm max inside de car, something is not right, is not lowered too much and everything is proper aligned. ..... Please give me a help..... Thanks
et10 on a 7.5j alloy is pretty low, you are going to have a lot of wheels out past the hub face.
I know that but the strange thing is that the 15x8 et25 also poke out that much, but it should't......
By the way, it's a 93 del sol esi with a b16a1 swap with y21 gearbox......maybe I've wrong axles????
It stick out as much as a 15x8 et0 will stick out, that should't happen...
It's not the driveshafts that are the issue. The hubs themselves dictate the wheel position.
Axle is not gonba push the spindle out..
Its imposible with the triangular suspension there is no way.....
Like they say 7.5 on 10 offset is low
I'm not pissed cause of the 7.5 and et10, I'm pissed cause I saw a bunch of photos from del sol with 15x8 et25 with nice fitment but that Size on mine poke out as much as the others with low offset....
Uhm, so it means that my hubs are from another car???? Pe somenone did something to them????? Cause it sits as much of the car as the 10 offset.......
Offset AND wheel width determine how far out its going to poke.
So although your .5 of an inch narrower your 10mm extra offset is making the poke more.
Type your numbers into
This will show you
Will do that now.....but again, lots of del sol with 15x8 et25 and don't have this open wheeler syndrome
Accordingly to that website both the 15x7.5 et10 and 15x8 et25 poke out the same now I don' t know If is my car that's wrong or If I mistake the specs from what I saw and what I tried :\
Your 7.5 et10 poke out 8.7mm more than the 8j et25 would.....

8mm isn't near the perfect fit that I saw people claim for the 15x8 et25......but even this 15x8 poke too much, I'll need lots of camber to put them flush with my fenders. ....
By the way, I d only saw the pics Ahahahah
Well if your insisting it's your hubs then change them?