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Discussion in 'Other Technical' started by MarkMcG, Apr 16, 2017.

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    Aug 28, 2014
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    as above will be putting a h2b swap into a ek9 with the brough h2b kit which uses b serious mounts and driveshafts.
    My question is what mounts should I go for? I was thinking 75a rating as I hope to have around 250hp when mapped. also which company is best? hasport, innotive or avid?
    any recommendations?
    thanks :nice:
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    I'm running Innovative mounts on mine still using a B16b...only the 60a ones which are rated up to 250hp, much better than standard and not to much vibration IMO, heard lots of people saying don't go any stiffer than 75 if its not a track car.

    Heard mixed reviews on the Hasport mounts, some swear by them and other don't rate them at all. Don't know much about Avid either but I guess it just comes down to personal preference really :)

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