Tuned B18C TODA C - bare engine with inlet manifold/injectors


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Oct 3, 2013
JDM B18C Type R base engine
220BHP/147lbft [genuine conservative figure!]

Fully reconditioned head with
- New valve guides
- Recut valve seats
- Hot tank clean and paint
- Minimal skim to flat
Toda C cams
Toda valve springs
Ferrea 6000 series Valves
Crower retainers
Skunk2 Viton Valve Seals

Rebuilt Bottom end with:-
- Rebored to 1mm O/S, and honed
- Polished crank journals as required
- ACL race bearings (clearances checked)
- EK9 Pistons
- DC2 Rods

Skunk2 Pro series inlet manifold
BDL 72mm Throttle body, port matched to manifold
EP3 injectors with alloy tophats
Uprated ARP head studs
Ajustable Cam gears, degreed in.
Hondata s300 map included on CD

The engine is 1000miles 'old' only, and cost over £3500 to build and map.
This engine is sparky, revvy and torquey. It has great bottom and top end, and sounds fantastic. It makes between 125 and 150 LBFT of torque from 3000 - 8600 rpm which is good going!
Best power recorded is 220.1bhp - on a conservative dyno. (B16B with IHE just about hit 180 on this)
(See plot comparing a B16B with breathing mods to this in photos)

After £2500 for the engine (Decent EK9.org discount available!)


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Oct 3, 2013