trunk/boot light for usdm hatches (pic heavy)


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Sep 3, 2013
THIS IS MY FIRST DIY pm me if needing more help best to post here first
this thred is for the owners of the usdm civic hatches that want a jdm/edm doot light for digging in the trunk at night

parts needed

trunk light from a Acura Integra (i forgot the years they had them in if some can help me on this that will be cool)

the trunk wiring harness from a 96-00 Honda civic coupe i took the mail and female side of the connecter

step one first remove the left rear inner trim peace and locate this plug $IMG_0014.jpgthe only wires we will be messing with is the male end of the blue/black wire witch leads to the trunk latch $IMG_0016.jpg depin it then depin the wires from you coupe harness and stick the female end of the white/red wire in this place this brings power to the light $IMG_0023.jpg now take the female blue/black wire and plug and heat shrink them out side of the plug $IMG_0023.jpg now your done enjoy your light this is how i routed the wires to the location i followed the rear speaker wire$IMG_0025.jpg$IMG_0026.jpg hatch close $IMG_0029.jpghatch open$IMG_0030.jpg


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