Tailgate trim / Number Plate Carrier Removal


Staff member
Sep 27, 2015

You don't need to take off the number plate, but I did cause It does make it easier later on. If you do be careful not to break the tangs! I'm going to use Velcro to stick my plates on so it makes it easy to interchange to show plates. Anyway.

Firstly open the boot and remove the 2 trim clips next to the boot lock, you press in the centre to release the clips.

Now gently prise the trim off the tailgate, the 7 clips that hold the trim on are tight, so be careful not to damage the trim.

Now the trim is off, if you look inside the tailgate, you will see 2 8mm nuts holding the trim on.

Undo these nuts, then the trim is nearly ready to come off. The only clip holding the trim on is the centre plastic locating clip, as pictured below.
Now if you gently pull either side of the trim around the centre clip the trim will come off.

Installation is reversal of removal.