So many brands, how to choose?


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Feb 22, 2010
I've been reading about different polish types but can't make my mind up what to get. I'm looking to do the 3 stages of polish, then glaze and seal or wax to finish. I'm thinkin on the meguiars or sonus for the 3 polishes and then maybe poorboys for glaze. Does anyone have an experience with these brands or can someone recommend any better brands? I'm going to hand polish I think if that helps.
I've always like the meguiars stuff myself.
Colour of the car may help others inform you on best polishes etc
sonus is alot easier to buff off than meguiars, but other than that they are both fine.
Great question, I can honestly say I always go with Autoglym. Their product's never fail to amaze me,
they never let you down on the look and give your motor a great finish.

Speaking of Autoglym I saw a competition running on Facebook where you can win some Autoglym products!
Heres the link: you have to do is give your,
best car cleaning tip, Worth a shot!
Thing with polish is that if its realy easy to buff off, generaly it isnt polishing very well, you want something with a bit of cut in with polish to realy bring the paint to its best.

Id personaly recomend.

Autosmart New Image polish

Carbon Collective Platinum Paint (Sealer)