Rota GT3 laquer peel!


Sep 24, 2013
Alright guys, really need to clean up my alloys, every single one of my GT3s have laquer peel on the polished rim part of the alloy. Any suggestions on how I can re-do the rim off my alloys? Best way to get my alloys back to polish look :) thanks


Aug 11, 2012
Nitromorse to remove paint/lacquer from the wheel first. Basically what happens is the lacquer gets damaged and water get underneath and starts to corrode the alloy. First you need to remove the lacquer to start on a fresh base, yes even the centre of the Gt3 needs to be removed, dont go trying to mask it of to work on the lip only. You'll get a better finish doing the whole wheel.

Next you need to remove the corrosion. Some sand paper around 400 - 600grade, really depends how bad it is. Don't go too rough as you will just put more scratches into the alloy and will make it harder to get the finish back.

Once the corrosion is removed and the entire wheel has had a good sanding and prep you can begin with some wet and dry and soapy water to start getting your finish back to the lip. Work from 600 upwards. You have a choice before doing this. Paint the centre before polishing the lip or after. Id always recommend finishing the lip then masking it off before painting the centre.

After working up to the finer grades of paper you'll get to around 1200 and start getting a nice polish but not perfect, this stage you want to incorporate some metal polish. There are kits available with polishing pads for drills but I tend to use Autosol these days with a polishing peice on a drill (word of warning, Autosol has protecting waxes in it so if you plan on lacquering the the polished lip don't use it or make sure to strip it off before painting) I'd honestly recommend not lacquering the lip, it will crack one day and get water under it and look crap, I learnt the hard way.I always just kept on top of my wheels and use a wheel sealant or autosol after few days which has a wax in it anyway.

So once you have polished the lip to your standards, mask it off with PROPER masking tape and take time doing this, the more time put in the better the line between the polished lip and centres will be. Prime the centre of your wheel after cleaning it off with degreaser/spirit. 2-3 Coats usually does it, I usually put an extra 4th coat and give it a Sand down before painting, your choice and depends how good of an environment you're in. Pick a good colour and again a few even coats. Then allow time to dry and Lacquer the centres with a good resistance lacquer. Not 100% clued up on whats available today at the best price but we used to use Hycote wheel lacquer with good results.

Allow 24 hours to dry and seal it with some wheel sealant wax like Chemical Guys or I think Autobrite do one now.

The old Mini project I finished. Lots of polishing involved.