Respraying a wing


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Aug 29, 2011
Anyone got a rough idea on how much I'll be to respray a front passanger wing on a black ek9? I know the best way is to go round and get a few quotes but never had anything painted before so have no concept of how much it could be!

Any estimates and help appreciated,cheers!
Mate u need to get in with a painter. !
Probs looking around 35/40swid.
What does 35/40swid mean? If that means £35-£40 then thats fine with me,I qas thinkin double that!
ya that seems really cheap, 50-60 would be more realistic, will probably have to mop the car too so the old paint matches the new properly
the door, bumper and bonnet will need to be blown in aswell for a perfect match other wise the paint on the wing will look miles off matching rest of car
If you take a current panel off the car (usually the fuel cap) you can get the different variations of that colour checked and pick the right shade.

Saying that the door, bonnet and bumper need blending is is utter crap tbh just get a good match.

You will need half a litre of base coat which is roughly £20 from paint shops

We charge £110 per panel. some say cheap some say expensive. we feel its the right money to get the job done right properly.

Think about it, primer £15, paint £20, Clear coat £15. thats £50 gone. some primer and clearcoat will remain for other bits and bobs but thats usually the way it works.

So when someone says they do it for £40 I dont understand how.

If you need any more information please just ask mate.

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Cheers Nuno! Thats a pretty fair break down of the cost involved and to be fair I didn't expect it to be 40-50 quid and would be sceptical of a paint job that was that cheap! Was expecting around the £100 mark. The wing is still on the car so would be easy for bodyshop to look at the surrounding panels to match it up the best
£40-50 would get you a nice special DIY bodge job.

£100-120 for a decent job.
Is the wing new or does it need repairing. So could cost alittle more with a repair. Just depends what the damage is.
Blending in a repair to a wing would be a bigger job than just respraying the whole wing, I doubt you could find a bodyshop who'd want to do it.