Quick way to remove bugs!


Jan 18, 2009
after searching the internet trying to find the best CHEAP way to remove bugs, i have found the answer!

get a large towel and sumberge in hot water (washing up bowl or similar), then add a cup full of washing up powder! mix it up abit! then go take it to your car. firstly i just wet the area with water then apply the large towel over the front bumper and lower bonnet. leave it for around 2-3 minutes for it to soak into the dead bugs! then remove the towel, then with the same towel gently rub the bugs and they should just come off with ease! once satistfyed just wash as normal with which ever car shampoo you use! et voilà!
You can use an old stocking from the missus (or your mom). Works a treat :clap:
Doesn't damage the bumper eighter
karacen does work well but would this not damage your paint work in the long term???
What the chuck is karacen? Kerosene?

I just use a watered down interior cleaner and a hot rag.. perfect !
its basically like white spirits i think... im sure it cant be good for the paint thought
i find this works well...