prep side skirts, front and rear bumper.


black ek9
Jan 17, 2007
I am getting the side skirts and front and rear bumper sprayed on my civic. Lad i know is doing it cheap if i prep it.

Can someone explain the process what grit paper to start and finish with etc.
The only bit of filling i have to do is the two number plate holes in t the front bumper unless i find a deep scrape.

im no expert at bodywork but done quite abit of diy projects, id always finish with 1000 grit and keep the paper wet so it doesnt clog up and slides easy. Evenly sanding the bumper all over is what your after, your only sanding it to make a 'key' for the primer to stick to the bumper so i wouldnt think itd take long on each piece your doing

Id still ask your mate who does spraying whats the best way to do it, preperation is about the most important stage of a good paint job :nice:
I've read so many different ways of doing it just wanting some opinions. I have one deep mark no the front splinter. Will it be ok you use isopon it.