oil light and smell in b16b engine

Discussion in 'Engine' started by macarena J, Jan 29, 2018.

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    Jan 25, 2018
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    honda civic ej8 swap b16b type r
    Hello! I am new in this world and I wanted to know, my car is an ej8 with b16b type R engine and I did oil change about a week ago from 10w60 to 5w50 (because I changed to a colder city and it is the oil that all honda's occupy here) My question is whether it will be normal for the car's oil light to be on for two or three seconds at the moment of cold starting. Already to walk a moment and turn it on again the oil light goes off with the check engine at the time of contact ... the other question is whether it is normal to smell the cabin ... I hope they solve me and help me with my questions! Thank you!

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