New R81 EG6 (update page 4) 03/05/23

Looks immaculate, shame EGs in this condition are very hard to come by now. Very very nice, good move on the itr wheels too, suit it much better
Looks immaculate, shame EGs in this condition are very hard to come by now. Very very nice, good move on the itr wheels too, suit it much better

thanks lad, ya would love to find a ek9 as clean...
Well I gave this a quick clean last weekend after it flew through the nct ,
Its currently at the paint shop getting the front and back bumper done as they were off the car in storage and have a few scratches.
Plans when I get it back is to
under seal the arches
get tracking done
shifter lever bushings , (feels very lose at the moment , hope this does the job)
new throttle cable
eibach springs
put on my mugen cat back
clean up the interior ,

About time I update this! over the past 4-5 years I've added the following parts
tegiwa dress up bolts
carbon bonnet dampers
b18 inlet manifold bored out
skunk throttle body
k20 fuel rail and injectors
type r head skimmed,ported,polished and valves reseated
new honda rings
skunk 2 manifold
full mugen twinloop system from mani back
new honda thermostat and coolant flushed
new honda engine gaskets and seals kit
s80 gearbox 4.9 final drive
exedy clutch kit and release bearing
fidanza flywheel
lightweight crank pulley
carbon slug intake
gear linkage rebushed
new honda seat change lever ball
new throttle cable and bracket
new yellowspeed coilovers
hardrace adjustable rear toe arms
hardrace adjustable rear camber arms
new honda dc2 lower control arms
new honda rear trailing arm bushes
18mm ultra racing rear anti roll bar
hardrace arb droplinks
ultra racing rear lower tie bar
new inner and outer tie rods
new front upper control arm bushings
new front upper control arm balljoints
new hardrace lca bushings
new honda suspension bolts
15mm front and back wheel spacers
ek9 front callipers and carriers
fully refurbished(pins/piston/seals etc sprayed factory gold
mg 282 and 262 drilled and grooved discs
new gen honda master cylinder
new gen honda slave cylinder
ferodo DS2500 F&R pads
HEL braided brake lines
gen honda mudguards
spoon replica mirrors
s2000 wheel nuts
front wipers repainted
carbon replica spoon spoiler
red recaros
personal red stitched leather steering wheel
new radio and speakers for door cards yet to be fitted
Integra type r mats
boot floor cleaned and resprayed
new honda fd2 gearnob
new honda alum pedals, yet to be fitted

Will get photos up of the progress in the next day or so.
Car is finally getting to where i want it. Next up is to get my suspension geometry set up and back on the road for the Summer.
One of the nicest EGs ive seen! Never been a fan of red cars but this really suites it.

Got any future plans?
Didn't see your last update so that answers my question haha. Yeah more pics please!

I found the oil level to be down for the first time ever last weekend. Normally level doesn't drop between services. I found it was leaking underneath between gearbox and engine. I removed the gearbox and changed the crankshaft seal, so that should sort it.

While i had the gearbox off, i decided to paint it and the engine block. I also painted other brackets that were beginning to look there age. I basically ended up cleaning and painting everything in the engine bay. I got some new parts such as :
3 point strut brace
tegiwa socks
mugen oil cap (rep)
cam cover to be painted wrinkle black
distributor cover
carbon spark plug cover
cam cover gasket
cam shaft seals
camshaft plug seal
upper and lower vtec solenoid seals
crankshaft seal
driveshaft seals
new oil dipstick
new oil sump, hardware and gasket
all engine oils/coolant/brakes bled.
all new engine mounts
fitted new drilled and grooved discs on the rear with 262mm calipers and ferrodo pads
(all seals/gaskets genuine honda.)
tidied up the wiring a small bit but would like to get wire tucked in future.
Have a few other engine and interior bits on order.
I will upload new pictures at the weekend.