New Cl1 Accord EuroR


Ek9 Fan
Sep 3, 2009
Just purchased! Had an SIR-T before this and Ive never been happier with a car. Beautiful to drive! Comments and suggestions welcome!



Awesome I'm thinking about selling the sir and getting one of these. Cool looking car.
Love these, looks mean and the best colour :nice:

What wheels are on the car?
Buddyclub p1's. Nicest car I've ever driven. Tax is high on them in Ireland (885euro) but it's worth it.. very hard to find one with a good gearbox and good driveshafts!
i like these and have considered one for family duties, but ended up breaking up with the bitch and bought an s2000 instead

your car looks great tho well done
very nice car lad, pity about the tax being so high now in the south tho :nono:
great looking cars these if a fam was on the card this would be the car for me
Slow? I'd be surprised, I'm sure they use the same H22 that's in the ATR, and they certainly aren't slow!