my old stanced ej9


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Dec 15, 2012
need an ek9 <3



my baby



my bfs old tucked ed7 he built himself which was b16a,ns2's,meisters,ported head,b16b cams, etc





thnx :D
yeah but the previous owner sha3g or something removed the spoon cams with out saying and fitted b16b cams so was more like 180, and it was a mess, thrown together and had bodges so was rebuilt, previous owner was a lying tosspot lol
Ah Cal's missus I assume? Used to get on OK with Cal.... I'm Rhys, I'm on his friends list on facebook....... or was at least. We don't talk much any more but used too. Known him quite a while like to be honest!

The rear JDM bumper off that old silver 4th GEN is sitting in my shed....with another white one too haha.

He's a good kid cal but he's got a temper like me, or used to at least.... didn't get either of us far, but think both of us have cooled down a LOT since.

Any way, welcome.... and nice EJ9.... my missus has a white EJ9 and a black EP as well! :p :nice:
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deleted facebook lol no need for it,, and yep mad bastard,hes doing well for himself lol
Shame to hear that. Remember seeing videos of it on youtube when it was up for sale. Quite an animal. Sweet car regardless. One of the builds I admire.
He was the only person to have vids lol there's still one on there ef9 9k rugeley search
Looks Sweet love them in that color :) both cars look so clean.

bit off topic but what breed of dog is that? looks gorg.
poppy?shes a minature jack russell/whippet cross, ive got her little hoodys and jackets for winter :)
To be honnest your EJ9 is perfect in the outside.

The value of that rims should be enough to buy a B16B and ask the boy to fit it in...

Just my 5 cents :nice:

P.s - The Pup is BEAUTIFUL! Congrat´s