Kswap Turbo Kit + Engine


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Jan 5, 2010
Hello All

Looking to get some info and people's experiences with turbo kits on a kswapped car.(Mine will be an Ek Chassis)

I will be looking to purchase either parts individually or as a full kit.

Looking to run this on a stock block for now and may up the boost once I have something built!

For engine choices I have the swap from an EP3 or dc5

From what I have read, Ep3 swap would be the best to go for. Does come without Lsd but would be looking to install one.

Car will be used on the road and track!
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basic k20a2 swap seems sensible for you. id not go k20a as thats just extra money you dont need to spend.
basic k20a2 swap seems sensible for you. id not go k20a as thats just extra money you dont need to spend.

Yeah am thinking the same, and maybe just upgrade the Lsd, looking at qualified and mfactory

I will be giving schuband autoworks, a call too to see what option they have for a full kit. Does anybody have any recommendations, plan is to run on a stock block and then upgrade when I want more power. Am after something with good power delivery, something that's driveable on track and not spinning in every gear.

If anyone has any recommendations let me know!
the schuband kit on my brothers ep3 has held up very well. Thats on a bone stock engine with a 5858 at 1bar. he doesnt have massive traction issues but then at brands hes mainly in 3rd and 4th gear on 255/45/17s.
a kswap with its tiny 15s may present more problems.
youll find that most setups on a fairly low boost level will feel pretty linear anyway.
I spoke to Simon on the schuband and and that's the turbo I've been looking at.

Thinking of going for a helical lsd/Maybe plated and possibly a different final drive. Jesse what supporting mods has your brother installed on his ep3
honestly.... next to nothing in terms of the engine.
has a good clutch in it
return fuel system
breathers welded into cam cover

everything else is bone stock, intake mani, throttle body, headgasket/bolts everything
OK, just wondering if I should buy something stock and then upgrade when required, or buy a swap that has the upgrades like tb, inlet, lsd ect might be cheaper in the long run lol

I have all the swap parts just need an engine and gearbox!