Hard or Soft Waxes


Vtec solider
Jul 30, 2007
Could people please tell me the differences between hard and soft waxes.
im thinking of turning to solid waxes but im not sure whether to go for a hard or soft wax!


No i mean solid waxes, according to cleanyourcar in the dojo juice waxes section they talk about hard and soft waxes but dont specify what the differences are between the two
i think there basically the same, just ones easier to apply by hand and the other by aplicator, check ou detailer worlds site, great tps on that
Main difference is, hard you tend to use less, easier to get a thinner coat and tend to be a little more durable. Also more suited to using a foam applicator.

Soft waxes are more suited to bare hand application. Tend to clog up a foam applicator if you have a tendancy to keep going back to the pot. You'll be supprised how easy this is to do!

Other then that, the main thing for you to decide is your preference.