EK9 Rolling Restoration


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Sep 27, 2015
Hello everyone, this is my second EK9 I’ve owned if you want a long read go and check out my first one here.

This EK9 though is going to be a back stock rolling restoration, not totally stock but close enough.

IMG_8854 Medium.jpeg

So I bought this EK9 locally on Facebook marketplace, it’s well known on the forum and has good history whilst in the U.K.
I got for a good price as she needs a bit of bodywork doing and just a general bit of TLC to bring it back up to the level the car deserves.

Being my daily driver first things first let’s get it reliable and dependable.

IMG_8855 Medium.jpeg

After my first drive to work I noticed there is a wheel bearing gone on the rear so that’s on the cards to be sorted asap, the oil level was low as was the coolant so topped those up.
Needs some rear brake pads and I found water in the spare wheel well after all the rain we had last night, suspect rear light seals so I’ll order some.
Standard air box to go on soon to replace the whales wang, better order a service kit.
Timing belt and clutch were replaced fairly recently so that’s good.

I plan to give it a good clean on the weekend to see what we are working with.
Dinotrol on the front lower end today, the car came with some different headlights which I’m fitting for the time being as the originals are in need of tlc. Had some help as well from my little man.

IMG_8910 Medium.jpeg

IMG_8913 Medium.jpeg

Rusty wings, will find replacements but will be ok for now.
IMG_8912 Medium.jpeg

IMG_8911 Medium.jpeg

IMG_8920 Medium.jpeg

Lightly cleaned then dinatrol treatment.
IMG_8922 Medium.jpeg

IMG_8923 Medium.jpeg

Fresher looking lights in, US spec?

IMG_8924 Medium.jpeg
Lots of maintenance and progress done.
Weather proofing for winter, dinitrol and lanogaurd.
IMG_8945 Medium.jpeg

IMG_8946 Medium.jpeg

Replaced noisy rear wheel bearings, replaced the rusty hand brake cotter pins, new dixcel rear brake pads. Removed decat and fitted a standard cat, standard air box back on, I am missing the oem resonator part of the air box that fits behind the bumper if anyone has one they would sell me that would be awesome.

IMG_8948 Medium.jpeg

This is the part I’m hunting for…..
IMG_8952 Medium.jpeg

I’ve also replaced the rear light seals as they were leaking water into the boot.
IMG_8936 Medium.jpeg

IMG_8934 Medium.jpeg

Taken the US spec lights off, although they look cool it’s not cool not being able to see where you are going in the dark! So I found some standard UK replacements on eBay.

Raised the suspension back to a more stock ride height, I have Tein street advanced z coilovers that I’d compare to an oem plus replacement for standard shocks. They had some neoprene socks over them so they’re mint! Made for easy adjustment.

Also have started to fix some interior bits, got a clock spring that was missing but I do need some plugs for the dash harness side as someone cut them off! anyone willing to chop these off a donor loom for me? This a ATR clock spring which is the same as the ek9’s I can live with a non oem horn connector but if someone has the dash side airbag connector that would be great.
IMG_8974 Medium.jpeg

Oh and my rear crash bar has seen better days as well.
IMG_8940 Medium.jpeg

Lots of little bits to sort out, but I’m loving being back in a 9.
Looking good, seems alot of these cars are being restored or are in need of a restoration at this stage.
Looking good, seems alot of these cars are being restored or are in need of a restoration at this stage.
There are definitely more modified than stock out there, and they are falling into the collectors car category now.
i used to own this i had the arches replaced a while back if you need any photos drop me a. pm
Looking good, thanks for sharing :)
Thanks for sharing! Always good to see these being saved. JDMOhio here in the states usually has some smaller parts, I'd check them out.

Thanks for sharing! Always good to see these being saved. JDMOhio here in the states usually has some smaller parts, I'd check them out.

Awesome thanks for the link, there are some parts I’d like on there, have sent them a message. Most of the parts I need are probably sitting in someone’s shed here in the U.K. I’m hoping
I had to take the ek9 off the road for a while, so I’ve got a mk1 CRV which is proving useful until I fix the ek9, there was an oil leak from the corner of the headgasket that was getting worse and the running issue was worrying me with daily fault codes and lack of power. Good news is I found the running problem, the cam timing is out. It checks out with the history I have from previous invoices and the fault codes I was getting.
IMG_9716 Large.jpeg

I’m rebuilding the cylinder head at the moment and I’ve found 6 slightly bent valves.
IMG_9751 Large.jpeg

And even better I have all the air conditioning parts for the engine bay. Thanks to Rus at Hond-r for the parts.

Hoping to get some other cosmetic jobs done whilst it’s off the road.
See you all at JDM Combe!
Engine is back together, seems to be running much better now.
IMG_9815 Large.jpeg

Before I can get the car back on the road there are a few issues that need attention.
Rear crash bar was rotten.
IMG_9824 Large.jpeg

Replaced with this kreative designs bar.
IMG_9825 Large.jpeg

Bar fitted, removed number plate housing to repair broken tang plus clean behind trim.

IMG_9826 Large.jpeg

IMG_9827 Large.jpeg

Investigate play in wipers, found broken linkage bushing, also cleaned behind scuttle panel and fitted new bonnet hinges.
IMG_9835 Large.jpeg

IMG_9837 Large.jpeg

Cleaned up some previous arch repairs and a couple of other areas of bodywork.

IMG_9836 Large.jpeg

Brake calipers have as a spruce up, engine bay looking tidier.
Few more jobs on the list to do, hopefully on the road for the 1st of May!

Need to find some new headlights, in the process of restoring the lenses but these are a bit far gone, broken mounts etc.

IMG_9840 Large.jpeg
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Awesome job....I'll definitely be getting ideas for a bit of DIY on my own!
And she’s back on the road, the running issue is 100% fixed, the engine now idles as it should. The air conditioning is ice cold ❄️ and the wipers are now fixed with the new motor and linkage.
IMG_9869 Large.jpeg

It’s now a pleasure to drive!
I’ve got a pair of window regulators to fit and some small jobs to do whilst I daily it during the summer (if we ever have one this year)
IMG_9862 Large.jpeg

Time to enjoy it, look forward to seeing you all at JDM Combe, I have found the forum flag! I had to buy a new stand and pole as it got misplaced.
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