Ek9 Parts - Radiator / Bumper Fittings


Aug 24, 2009
Hi all,

Ive had a nose around the forum but not found much in regards to my query. I am in process of sourcing a new EK9 bumper but need many fixtures and fittings in regards to nuts / screws / bolts / driver side arch liner.

I went into Honda to order these bits assuming that I could just point out the parts I need, but was told I need a chassis number. I suspect many of the nuts and bolts will be similar to an EK4, the bumper obviously wont be the same but the bolts to secure the bumper to the car do they differ much? I was even thinking that if I had a Jordan chassis number that would be (almost) perfect.

Secondly Im after a replacement radiator, ideally Id like an OEM product rather than aftermarket as Im trying to keep costs down. Any ideas, again I think that the EK4 shares the same radiator as the EK9?

Thanks in advance,