EK9 fuel line lengths and fitment angles


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Mar 25, 2024
EK9 Type R

I am replacing all my fuel lines to PTFE lines to allow me to run ethanol for my build. I only came across a few companies in the US that sell complete ready to go kits but they either do not reply or do not ship abroad. I have found companies here in Ireland that will make them for me of course but they need to know the lengths and fitment angles of the AN fittings. I don't know either and I can't find any info online.....could anyone help?

I am swapping to PTFE lines and replacing everything from the pump to rail and back....8AN feed and 6AN return.

Many thanks!
I made my own lines using ptfe lines and ptfe fittings. maybe easier doing it that way?
Thanks for the replies....I'm going to go down that route. I was hoping to save some valuable time by sourcing a 'ready to go' kit but that is tougher than expected!